Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What if life came from space?

As a scientist, wondering about life is all about experimenting. Some people believe life was created by god and they fear of a supreme being. Others prefer to believe that life is an expression of biological evolution. All theories are believe d to happened on earth, but what would happened if we discovered that life on earth came from space. Not to say from another planet, but merely from space. Since space has not been conquered by the human kind that may be the answer we are looking for: where does life came from? In the last 20 years researchers have been developing better and more reliable ways to prove where life was originated. One theory claims that life came from space, not as bacteria because the lack of oxygen, but as spores. Since spores are like seeds, there is a strong possibility that these spores may have been looking for the perfect conditions to reproduce. Once they got to earth they mutated and evolved until the point that all what we know was created. For this theory many people would ask: well, were does this spores came from or who created them. The answer for this question relays inexplicable since we haven’t been beyond our solar system. In addition it would be very selfish to think that all life beings are just in one little planet. There is so much research based on these theories and many studies and ideas can be found online. NASA is also doing research regarding this theory. They are specifically researching the reaction of bacteria in space. The results are amazing. The bacteria had been found to have the ability to keep mutating and adapting to any situation it is exposed to.





Dominic B. said...

Maybe....almost impossible to prove unless someone finds a spore on a meteorite...that would be debated for years to come.....I hope we find life elsewhere one day!