Monday, December 3, 2007

Preserving Biodiversity

After searching through websites on evolution and diversity, I came across the article, “How Stream Diversity is Used to Monitor the Health of Our Rivers” by Karen Markwort. The article is about how small invertebrates, such as mayfly nymphs and caddisfly larvae are collected from rivers to monitor the state of the waterway. I found it interesting that even though society has become reliant on technology, we can still use biological resources to keep our rivers healthy. As Dr Richard Norris, project leader for the CRCFE, states, “there are several advantages in using biological techniques to monitor water quality: it's fast and can be conducted by almost anyone without expensive technical equipment.”
A second article I came across is about the Rideau River Biodiversity project. The river has been under research for how to perverse the river’s great biodiversity. The Small invertebrates are essential to the well being of the river’s ecosystem. Aquatic and terrestrial animals provide food and resources and plants provide clean air and filter air. The project was started with the goal to record information on the river’s biodiversity. The researchers of the project have found that the Rideau River provides all of this for Earth’s survival and needs to be preserved.