Sunday, August 26, 2007

Can an opinion can be worth 15 M ?

A blogger, PZ Myers, author of the blog Pharyngula is getting sued because of an opinion he has on a book! (see HERE and HERE). It's true that PZ Myers can be very blunt at times but I think this is ridiculous! Yes evolution is controversial but so is creationism!

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Mithrandir said...

People have got to get a grip.
So what if the scientist called the guy a crackpot, he probably is.
If the judge doesn't throw the case out, then this yet another case of the decline of the American "justice" system.

Nessa said...

This site has a quick movie onmalaria and the sickle cell trait. My anth 260 instructor showed this to us, and it is just what we were talking about today in class :-)